Re: [code][idea][newbie]Special Guards

From: anthony benjamin (
Date: 02/22/99

Last time for tonite. Sorry I am kinda spamming the list....

 struct obj_data *obj;
 struct char_data *tch;

for (tch = world[ch->in_room].people; tch; tch = tch->next_in_room) {
 if (GET_EQ(tch, WEAR_WIELD)) {
  obj = GET_EQ(tch, WEAR_WIELD);
  obj_to_char(unequip_char(tch, WEAR_WIELD), tch);
  send_to_char("Your weapon flies from your hands.", tch);
  return (TRUE);
return (FALSE);

that is my current code. Everything pretty much works fine except for the fact
that the code doesn't activate until I press a key in the enter or
whatever...then the exact next line is the unequip deal, with my send_to_char.
What is the problem? Rich? ; ) I promise this subject will not come up again
after I get this fixxed....

anthony - annoyingly honest simpleton

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