Re: A bug?

From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 02/23/99

Without thinking about it too much, I'd imaging you can just check
the old descriptor (or char_data struct, if you want to put something there)
for a time which represents the complete value of the last wait_state
(something that's reset to zero after the wait_state expires, perhaps),
and place the incoming descriptor into the wait_state at the max for that
last action. If there's anyone out there that'd try to cheat with stock
code, this'd sure discourage them.

Oh well; wish I had to worry about players cheating. Anyone here need
a building position? If so, create a char at and
leave a note on the board at recall.

At 11:16 PM 2/22/99 -0800, you wrote:
>[procedure to bypass wait_states snipped]
>>        Anyway,  This a bug, or what?
>>                                                        PjD
>Alright, nothing like a little Pearl Jam to get the creative juices flowing.
>An event system would be nice here, because you can use events to modify the
>changes, although the effects can be done like the spell system.
>One idea would be rather than just a 'FIGHTING(ch)' pointer, to have an
>entire struct of fighting information, along with a struct of skill related
>struct char_fighting_data {
>  struct char_data *fighting;  /* character being fought */
>  bitvector_t battle_flags; /* flags set (bitvector_t introduced in cvs
>snapshot i believe) */
>  struct battle_affect_data *affects;
>struct battle_affect_data {
>  sh_int type;                      /* The type of spell that caused this
>  sh_int duration;                  /* For how long its effects will last
>  sbyte modifier;                   /* This is added to apropriate ability
>  byte skill;                       /* Skill to disable */
>  bitvector_t bitvector;   /* Tells which bits to set (BTL_xxx) */
>  struct battle_affect_data *next;
>Anyway, this is just a rough start, and I'm sleepy.

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