Re: A bug?

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 02/22/99

[procedure to bypass wait_states snipped]
>        Anyway,  This a bug, or what?
>                                                        PjD

Alright, nothing like a little Pearl Jam to get the creative juices flowing.

An event system would be nice here, because you can use events to modify the
changes, although the effects can be done like the spell system.

One idea would be rather than just a 'FIGHTING(ch)' pointer, to have an
entire struct of fighting information, along with a struct of skill related

struct char_fighting_data {
  struct char_data *fighting;  /* character being fought */
  bitvector_t battle_flags; /* flags set (bitvector_t introduced in cvs
snapshot i believe) */

  struct battle_affect_data *affects;

struct battle_affect_data {
  sh_int type;                      /* The type of spell that caused this
  sh_int duration;                  /* For how long its effects will last
  sbyte modifier;                   /* This is added to apropriate ability
  byte skill;                       /* Skill to disable */

  bitvector_t bitvector;   /* Tells which bits to set (BTL_xxx) */

  struct battle_affect_data *next;

Anyway, this is just a rough start, and I'm sleepy.



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