[NEWBIE][CODE][HELP] act call

From: Adam Pate (apate@cesales.com)
Date: 02/23/99

I'm writing a special proc for gambling.  My code seems to work all except
for one part.  The act call doesn't work.  Basically when a character pulls
the lever on the slot machine, I want other people to see it in the room.  I
don't know anything about how act works and it was a waste to try to grep
for it because I got a million hits.  :)  I just copied the act call  from
another piece of code into my function so probably one of my args of the act
function is incorrect but I don't know which one.  :(  Right now as it
stands when someone pulls the lever, it works but noone sees it.  Also when
I compile I get the following error which probably has something to do with
this. . .

In function (play_slots)
warning: pass arg of 4 of act from invalid pointer type

Here is my call in spec_procs.c

act("$N pulls on the crank of the slot machine.",
         FALSE, 0, ch, 0, TO_ROOM);

If one of you know what I'm doing wrong.  Please let me know!!  :)

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