core file creation problem, and ObCircle

From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 02/23/99

Hi there...
On my current host, linux kernel 2.0.35 and
GNU bash, version 1.14.7(1), my mud creates a core file just
fine if I start the mud from the shell, but if my autorun script
starts the mud, no core file is produced when the mud crashes.
Any idea why this might be, or what to check for?

DG Scripts pl7 is nearing completion. The hilight of the new
features is in this pl, players can have script globals set via
the "remote" script call. (Of course, they can be read through
%actor.variable_name%.) Also in this version, player script
globals are saved to disk when the player saves, in a manner
similar to objects being saved -- lib/plrvars/<directories>.

Because global context is something that might be key'd to the
id of the setting script's owner, and because from one boot to the
next, there is no guarantee that a script owner (mob, room, obj)
will have the same id, remote-ing a global to a PC currently forces
the context of the global to 0 (which is accessable no matter what
context the referencer script is in). The problem with this is it
enables variable namespace overlap. I'd thought about setting the
context to be the vnum of the setting trigger, but this makes it
difficult for multiple triggers to work with a single PC's global in
coordination. Any ideas?

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