[NEWBIE][ALLERT][Dg-Scripts] I just noticed something there, and i guess some of the new dg users should read this

From: Klaus Myrseth (klaus.myrseth@infohwy.no)
Date: 02/26/99

Its not to dangerous, depends on what level you have your force, because you
can do allmost anything with dgmobcommands through force. Ok for the ppl who
dont know what im talking about, try this:

FORCE FIDO MEXP charname 100000, or
FORCE FIDO MTELE charname 3001

If you allready have force at your builder level it should not be a consern,
but if its lower, untrusted ppl get access to the powerfull functions of
dg-scripts, only mobile runnable commands though, but still.

Ok lets take an idea for dg-scripts, ive done this allready but this will be
a nice addon for dg-scripts:

  Quest support...we added this to our scripting language and it works
perfectly, and we can have eaven objects as quest masters :), allmost no
restrictions to a builders ideas, except from him having to learn himself

Caram - Implementor of The Home Of The Vikings:

( Note: Mud server code is in final beta, zones and spells are now our
consern )

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