[bug] pl14 bug or lack of code

From: Jourge Bush (modem-burn@geocities.com)
Date: 02/26/99

Well I checked the faq and archives for this but didn't find anything
notifying this. But this is whats wrong...
You all should know that the first value of a weapon is an adder to the
hitroll but for some reason that is not added when the item is worn.
Actually no attempt to do anything ever happens. I think its just a
thing left out. I dunno I figured someone would have cought it or
reported it to the list or something but I found no trace in the
archive. But it is something that should be fixed in pl15 or 4.0 what
ever is next... For those of you who don't know how to fix or are new to
c just put in a check in the wear function to add value 0 to the hitroll
but don't forget to subtract when you're removing the eq.


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