Re: [bug] pl14 bug or lack of code

From: George (
Date: 02/26/99

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Jourge Bush wrote:

>You all should know that the first value of a weapon is an adder to the
>hitroll but for some reason that is not added when the item is worn.

It's not.

>Actually no attempt to do anything ever happens. I think its just a
>thing left out.

It was.

>I dunno I figured someone would have cought it or reported it to the list
>or something but I found no trace in the archive. But it is something that
>should be fixed in pl15 or 4.0 what ever is next... For those of you who
>don't know how to fix or are new to c just put in a check in the wear
>function to add value 0 to the hitroll but don't forget to subtract when
>you're removing the eq.

The original Diku 'stat' command calls the object value 0 the 'ToHit' for
weapons (Diku/act.wizard.c, line 485), but it never actually uses it.
CircleMUD does fix that oversight in 'stat', but OasisOLC still contains
the 'ToHit' for the field, probably for Diku compatibility.

George Greer

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