Re: Attempting to become quest friendly

From: Anthony Rye (
Date: 02/28/99

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Adrian wrote:

> >I am attempting to add a quest system into my MUD where the quests themselves
> >are scored.  The games I am attempting to install are paintball, laser tag,
> >capture the
> >flag, battle royale, and a few others....
> >

First make the flags then u can set up a seperate battle arena set the new
item as thievable,but make arena peaceful, When that item is tooken from
the offending or vise versa they get a point for captureing that item and
the other person get put back into the mud, and all u need to do is get
the battle-arena code and modify it to what u need it to do, or write your

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