Re: Attempting to become quest friendly

From: Jeffrey Margolis (
Date: 02/28/99

Adding in a system of paintball isnt really that hard. ( In fact i was about
to make this) This is how you do it.

1. Create paintball team flags. (I would use them in PLR_PAINT1 ,

2. Create a object in the mud called a paint ball gun.

3. write a special procedure for the object
        A) Have it check for the command shoot
        B) then take the arg(the victim) and run a check to see if they are playing,
if so           remvoe the flag and the object from the victums inventory and send
them to                 awaiting room telling them they are dead and out of play, sending a
message                 to their team that they are out.
        B) walk the connection list to see if any one is still playing (check for
team flag)              and if no one is the game is over.
        C) addin a few checks to make sure the paintball gun cant exist out side of
the             arena  and that when you quit the flag is taken off.

4. Throw it all into a nice warzone and you have paint ball.

If you need any help with this e-mail me off the list.


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