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Date: 02/28/99


  Hello, I'm trying to add a very simple code but its giving me fits!!
When someone wants a coke from the machine it checkes to see if you have
the necessary funds to pay for it then give it to ya.  Sounds simple
enough?  I got the code off that ceremic mouse site (sorry if i didn't
spell it right)

In spec_assign.c i put these under the assign procedures to objects (last):

then i did these in the ASSIGNOBJ section (first)
     ASSIGNOBJ(1206, pop);
     ASSIGNOBJ(1207, dispenser);

the rest of the special procedure was placed in the spec_procs.c file
under the Special procedures for objects section

when I compile it gives no errors
   the coke object itself is set (using OLC) as a other object.
   the machine itself is set (using OLC) as a other object.

when I try and buy a coke it says "You cannot do that here"

What am I doing wrong?  any advice or anything to help me?

Thank you!

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