[AD] Builders/Empire Heads Needed

From: Phillip A Ames (kirk47@juno.com)
Date: 02/28/99


Due to the fact that my MUD has now found a server, I am in need of
trustworthy people to take over some of the other tasks, most mainly
building.  I'm looking for builders, and also empire heads.  If you want
to be a builder, experience with Oasis OLC is a requirement(I haven't
bothered to update the builders manual yet, so OLC is the only way to
build at this time).  The MUD is Star Trek based, so if you've seen the
show/movies a few times, and would like to try building zones, we have
several available.  I at least ask that you have had some sort of
experience with some form of science fiction, I don't want people who
build great "Midgaard Castles" to be building the latest in Federation
technology :)  DG Scripts have been implemented, version pl5a
currently(After this e-mail, I'm going to snag the latest version and

Now, to empire heads.  What they are, is, as this MUD is 100% bloodbath,
with only 1 restriction(Killing members of your own empire makes you a
traitor -- you can defect to other empires this way), there will be
regularly held meetings(Times announced weekly, once the MUD becomes open
to the public) at which these empire heads will meet and discuss things
such as alliances, declarations of war, etc.  Having knowledge of Star
Trek is a must for this, as you must know how to behave like a member of
the race you are representing.  If any of you are interested in becoming
either a builder or an empire head, please e-mail me(kirk47@juno.com) and
*NOT* the list, and I will send you the necessary information.  In this
e-mail, please include any experience you have had with either building
or Star Trek(depending on which position you apply for).  Thanks,


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