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From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 02/28/99

Also, if you're using that oasiswin95 package, you have to add the
following thing in:

diff -u stk/db.c indexclose/db.c
--- stk/db.c    Mon Dec 29 18:05:07 1997
+++ indexclose/db.c     Tue Feb 17 18:02:05 1998
@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@
     qsort(help_table, top_of_helpt, sizeof(struct help_index_element),
+  fclose(index);

Basically, if you dont know what a patch file is yet, add the
"fclose(index);" line to db.c around line 565 or for the qsort

NB:  To Brandon Brown (the guy writing the NewbieFAQ) ---> Maybe add this
patch file in there for the "newindex/index" bug question?

> When you first get CircleMUD, there are no objects in zone 12.  Thus, when
> you edit objects and save them, an object file is created, but they aren't
> brought into the game because they are not in the index file.  Go into your
> lib->world->obj directory and edit the file "index", you'll want to add a
> line that says "12.obj" (no quotes).
> That should do ya.
> -B.
> *snip*
> >SYSERR:  Attempt to assign spec to non-existant obj #1206
> >SYSERR:  Attempt to assign spec to non-existant obj #1207
> >
> >When I go into OLC and create these objects and save OLC (using the oedit
> >save command) it saves fine .. but ... when I go back into the MUD the
> >objects aren't there?!
> *snip*

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