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From: Acido (
Date: 03/02/99

At 07:15 PM 3/2/99 -0600, you wrote:
>sorry about my last new player crash mail, I am no coder i mostly just host
>the mud
>turns out #define CON_DISCONNECT        was same as something else my own
>anyway any know if there is a snip that will limit the times a new player
>can roll stats
>sorry to bug you all but the coder for this mud lost his phone so I am kind
>of on my own

I had this for some time but just removed the code for it a few days ago.
Mainly because i didn't like the idea that if the player just rerolled a few
times they could always get good stats no matter their race penalties.
However this could be fixed pretty simple but i didn't like the rerolling
too much beforehand so i stripped it out :)

Anyways if your still interested in making new chars being able to reroll
their stats at creation time or whereever you want it send me a private
email and i shall be happy to throw something together for you.

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