Re: Saving Dg

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 03/03/99

First, it's easiest if you quote earlier messages in the thread so people
can see the whole situation.

Did you simply reboot without looking at the lib/world/trg/index file?  This
file tells which files in the "folder" to load.

If you're doing triggers in a zone from stock CircleMUD, the MUD assumes
there's an index entry rather than checking.  So you need to manually enter
it in the index.

I'm only repeating myself because I assume you didn't actually do that (from
reading your post).

You could also put in code (there was a snip back a while ago) to make it
check to see if index entries were missing, and add them when
saving...but...well, nevermind.


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>well fyi it didn't do it automatically
>i rebooted and sure enough the script wasn't there

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