Request for database parser index format input.

From: George (
Date: 03/03/99

Currently trying to design the parser index files and to come up with a
decent way of representing how the different data formats could be

Current index format example:

        - Assumed CircleMUD room file.

mmap: CircleMUD: wld: 185.wld
        - Read a CircleMUD room file '185.wld' via mmap().

fread: MUD++: foo.are
        - Read a MUD++ area file via malloc()+fread()

SQL: CircleMUD: SELECT FROM areas WHERE NAME='The Elven Grotto';
        - Read a CircleMUD world file from SQL query.

db: CJ: mob: godcomplex.mob
        - Read a mob file via Chris Jacobson's parser from a Berkeley database.

However, that could get ugly and ambiguous.

What do you think the best method would be?  I'm not looking for "this is
what I like" replies.  I'd like something well thought out to ease parsing
and reduce conflicts with what characters specific parsers (like SQL, Perl,
or Unix shell script[1]) might use.

If anyone knows of a similiar database parser effort, I'll go take a peek
at it to see how they're doing things.

My ideas currently kicking around:

~ mmap ! CircleMUD @ room # 185.wld

<M:mmap> <F:CircleMUD> <T:room> = 185.wld

1:mmap 2:CircleMUD 3:room | 185.wld

M:mmap F:CircleMUD T:room - 185.wld

| mmap | CircleMUD | room ! 185.wld

etc. Comments?

George Greer, | Genius may have its limitations, but  (mostly) | stupidity is not thus handicapped.   |                  -- Elbert Hubbard

[1] - Yes, I suppose having them dynamically created every boot would be
      cool for effects. :)  However, I'm not sure if I'll do the Perl
      and shell script idea.  Probably will just for hack value though.

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