Re: Request for database parser index format input.

From: George (
Date: 03/05/99

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Klaus Myrseth wrote:

>Bear with me, im just happy that finally someone do something with SQL
>database for circle.
>We had this in our todo list for our mud, but now we are changeing base to
>custom owngrown so we didnt want to use to much time on it, so CHEERS GEORGE

Actually, one neat feature of using an SQL database will be that you can
skip the entire world-loading step since it's already in the database.
That'd make for some very speedy start-up times.  There will have to be an
option to force loading from disk when things have changed, but in the
normal "crash" case, ooh boy. ;)

That said, I can't legally include a "MySQL" access module without paying
$200 for MySQL so you'll have to code it yourself from the framework of a
"generic SQL" module I can give out.  (Unless license for it changed

George Greer

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