Re: Request for database parser index format input.

From: George (
Date: 03/04/99

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Chris Jacobson wrote:

>looks cleanest and most understandable, and with some systems (such as
>where mobs and rooms are integrated) the T: line might be optional.  The
>- could be eliminated.  It's almost like a command line.  Using = instead
>of : might be good also.  Could have whole words...
>Method=mmap Format=CircleMUD Type=room 185.wld

I think I'll do the above in addition to Alex's idea, which was to put the
description in a separate file.  I liked that because it makes it much
easier to boot just one zone.  With my original thought above, we'd have to
parse the zone file looking for it if not otherwise specified.

# 185.dsc
Format: CircleMUD
Method: SQL
Type: room

SELECT blah from blah where blah=blah;
# end of file

Or use = too, won't matter here. So everything after that blank line will
be fed to the parser verbatim.  This will make Perl/shell scripts very easy
to create in this regard.

# start
Format = CircleMUD
Method = Perl
Type = mob

while (<*.mob>) {
  print if /foobar/;
# end of file

Muwahaha! :)

George Greer

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