Re: Request for database parser index format input.

From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 03/04/99

Requires an SQL server ; this is not an option on a lot of MUD servers.

* Then use MySQL, its a good SQL server, or drop into and get
the free ASE (Enterprise Edition) of their SQL Server for redhat linux, or
for normal Linux (FOR FREE), im running this on test now and its great,
fast, AND most important supports stored procedures :).

There is a lot of different Databases out there now, and some are free, and
with the MyODBC/ODBC you can write the database access code to support
multiple op systems easilly, im doing something similar now, only for java.
Unix has got the MyODBC addon just search on the internet and if you code
trough this standard you will likely see that a lot of people will be able
to use this code. As everyone knows Windows platform supports ODBC and when
i was looking on the MySQL database for linux i found MyODBC for linux and
so on.

And i think the Database option will really open new possibilities for
zonehandling/memory handling...

Here is one of the things we are going to do with the new Viking2000 code we
are doing the paperwork on now - Make a zonesystem where only "system zones"
are loaded into the game at start, when a player walks into a zone, PROTO:
ResultSet = SELECT * FROM ROOMTABLE WHERE ZoneNumber = bla bla

The Database possibilities is one good idea Georg, whatever anyone says
about it, ok lets take an example (my favuorite) the player database, you
are changeing stats system, or maby exp system, and you want to update your
players to fit into this new system, just do an update on all fields with a
formula that does this :), or whatever, and i dont think the speed of the
database access will differ much from the old system if Georg manage to make
efficient queries and memorymanagement for the new db sypport routines,,,,,

Caram - Imp The Home Of The Vikings... 5000

Bear with me, im just happy that finally someone do something with SQL
database for circle.
We had this in our todo list for our mud, but now we are changeing base to
custom owngrown so we didnt want to use to much time on it, so CHEERS GEORGE

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