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From: George (
Date: 03/04/99

     153306 Mar  4 21:57 99030421-bpl14.patch.gz
     993098 Mar  4 21:58 99030421.tar.gz

Lots of bug fixes.  I've mostly drained my 20-odd patch queue from Rick

I'll be reading the raw patch versus bpl14 in case I missed anything.
Please check it over, compile it, and give all the changes a whirl.  We
hope to get a release kicked out the door in the next few days. If that
fails, we should have the next week or so of off-time to do so, so it is
important to try things out. Here's everything changed since last snapshot:


-- gg - comm.c, structs.h, utils.h: PjD noticed that repeatedly reconnecting
        to a MUD would cause the wait state counter to be reset.  Thus it
        has been merged with the mob counter.

-- gg - act.other.c: do_split(): Fixes from Christian Loth to not lose
        money and fix the accounting among a group.  Untested but looks ok.

-- gg - spell_parser.c: say_spell(): King Mundi proposed fix so that the
        MUD doesn't go into infinite spastic loop upon unknown substring.

-- gg - objsave.c: Crash_load(): "Andrey Fidrya" <> sent
        in a fix for potentially empty rent files.

-- gg - Usual batch of Rick Glover reports:
                room_data: 'zone' should be zone_rnum.
                index_data 'vnum' should be a 'sh_int' type.
                'the $o' changed to '$p' for better clarity.
                do_force: Mobs are now immortal subordinate.
                do_set: height/weight; "sex" set type is much less
                        complicated with search_block now.
                Lowercased genders[] for do_set to work ok.
                make_prompt: buffer length fixed to track
                        MAX_PROMPT_LENGTH changes.
                read_mobile: Should have WARNING tag on log() message,
                        because while not a SYSERR, it is sort of bad.
                affected_by_spell: Fixed up comment.
                gen_receptionist: HSHH() for "she"
                Remove AFF_GROUP flag in addition to PLR_WRITING, etc.

-- gg - class.c: levels(): Sean Daley <> noticed
        I forgot _every_ 'break;' in the switch() block. :)

NOTE! We now have OpenVMS port information too. See README.OPENVMS (brief)

George Greer

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