Re: Request for database parser index format input.

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 03/04/99

On 3/4/99 4:12 AM, George ( stated:

>        - Assumed CircleMUD room file.

Easy, no requirements

>mmap: CircleMUD: wld: 185.wld
>        - Read a CircleMUD room file '185.wld' via mmap().

Non-portable to some systems, including MacOS and (I believe) Win95.

>fread: MUD++: foo.are
>        - Read a MUD++ area file via malloc()+fread()

Can be memory intensive on large zones

>SQL: CircleMUD: SELECT FROM areas WHERE NAME='The Elven Grotto';
>        - Read a CircleMUD world file from SQL query.

Requires an SQL server ; this is not an option on a lot of MUD servers.

>db: CJ: mob: godcomplex.mob
>        - Read a mob file via Chris Jacobson's parser from a Berkeley

Harder to implement, but no extra requirements ; more flexible than
Assumed.  If done without the Berkely DB part, and used a hand-built or
Olex'd/Yacc'd/Bison'd parser, it is easy to do and still quite flexible.
My version (non-Berkely DB) is also human readable.  'course I'm biased
towards mine so pay me no heed :-)

- Chris Jacobson

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