dg questions

From: Mark Ip (MIP@chat.carleton.ca)
Date: 03/04/99

I'm a builder, and we've got dg_scripts 16 setup. I've run across a few
oddities tho, maybe someone can help me out.
1. mjunk all  - doesn't seem to work... the objects are still staying in
inventory and drop to the ground when they purge themselves. Is that the
right syntax or could there be any other probs?
2. dg_cast - won't cast from an object... theres a little blurb about
some special mob who'll be loaded for that purpose but our implementor
doesn't know where or how that works and it doesn't seem to be in the
online docs anywhere.
3. mgoto 7441 - that doesn't seem to work as well... 'mat' works and
'mteleport' but when I use mgoto the mob doesn't go anywhere. In the
example, 7441 is a room number. I've also tried mob names and that
doesn't do anything either.
4. Command trigger for dirs - Was trying to make one that would stop
anyone trying to go 'e' for example, but that also stopped anyone from
type 'emote'. Anyone have a snippet that does this?
5. Act Function - I haven't been able to get this to work at all. Even
when I copied the gate closing trigger directly out of the tutorial, it
doesn't seem to see the gate opening.

Welp, I think thats it for now, thanks for bearing with me & thanks in
advance for any answers!

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