Looking for common problems.

From: Del (caminturn@earthlink.net)
Date: 03/04/99

I am trying to do a simple document on common problems with starting a mud and
getting it going.

Email me the responses please, so that it does not spam the list.

1. What was the first couple of things you did to your mud (not counting
download, compile, configure, adding in OLC, DG scripts). i.e. Add levels? Add

2. What problems did you run across while adding in these first few items? (if

3. Where did you find the answer? (i.e. mailing list, web site, be specific

3. What problems (any) did you run across that after figuring it out, you went

4. What problems did you run accross, that you had to ask the list for help

5. When adding in a snippet, was (if any) there any problems adding them in?
   (including things like unarchiving them, patching, rejects, hand patching

6. Please provide any information I might have not thought of yet, as I hope
to come up with better advice from everyone and compile it into a sort of FAQ.

Thanks in advance, there is no hurry on this, but your response will hopefully
help those future mud gods!

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