[AD] Mudhosting shell accounts

From: Alaron (digital@together.net)
Date: 03/05/99

Heya all, recently I had been looking for a place to house my mud on a
server with decent specs at a reasonable price and there were none out
there. So we put one up, and now are looking for a few accounts to cover
connection costs.

We are running a PentiumII 333 w/ 128mb ram, a 6.4gb UDMA Quantum Fireball
hard drive connected to a T3 through a 3C905 100mbit ehternet adapter,
running slackware linux.3.0.34

it is $15 a month for a basic account that most muds will run in nicely.
15mb hard drive space
10mb ram
telnet/ftp access
WebPage space
2 ports <building and running>
3 consecutive log-ins <for 3 coders at once.>

For all of you out there new to mudding administration and coding we are
willing to set-up stock circle compile and run it <showing you how for the
future> and even patch in any patches you may want or custom code some for

These are not hard limits, we can go all the way to 2000mb hard drive
space and 512mb ram, it is on a per person, per need basis.

Anyone interested please send an e-mail to

or visit our web page @ http://www.mudhost.com

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