[CODE] Restring

From: Christoffer Lundberg (avatar@orion.boden.se)
Date: 03/05/99

Ok, I added the following lines to objsave.c in the
"Obj_from_store_to" function:

obj->name = str_dup(object.name);
obj->short_description = str_dup(object.short_desc);
obj->description = str_dup(object.long_desc);

and the following to "Obj_to_store_from":

object.name = str_dup(obj->name);
object.short_desc = str_dup(obj->short_description);
object.long_desc = str_dup(obj->description);

But, when I attempt to log on a char owning an object
(restringed or not) the MUD crashes and the .core file
tells me there is an error in the str_dup function.

What can be wrong? (I've tried with strcpy as well, but
that wasn't any better).


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