[NEWBIE] Empire system

From: Phillip A Ames (kirk47@juno.com)
Date: 03/05/99

Heya all...  I've got a problem/question/something....  I'm coding an
empire system to put into my MUD, similar to clans.  I'm going to parse
them from a file similar to a world file.  Now, I've written the function
to load them, but I'm confused as to what I need to do now :)  From what
I've seen, the world files, mob files, obj files, etc. all use the CREATE
macro.  I want to be able to access the empires by using something
similar to an array, such as emp[GET_EMP(ch)].treasury to access the
treasury of the characters empire(that's assuming I put a struct
empire_data *emp; at the top of the function).  The empire they're in is
stored as an 'int' in the pfile, and I've defined the empires as follows:

#define EMP_FED 0
#define EMP_VUL 1
#define EMP_ROM 2
#define EMP_KLI 3
#define EMP_CRD 4
#define EMP_JEM 5
#define EMP_BJR 6
#define EMP_BRG 7
#define EMP_FER 8
#define NUM_EMPS 9

How am I going to be able to access the fields of the empires similar to
how I stated above?  Am I going to need to use CREATE(), malloc(), or
calloc()?  I've been told no by a few people, but I just don't see how
I'm going to be able to access them.  If anyone can tell me, I'd
appreciate it, and if you'd like, when I finish, I'll send it your way.


/Empire boot functions follows:\

/* load the empires */
void init_empires(FILE * fl)
  extern int top_of_p_table;
  extern struct player_index_element *player_table;
  struct char_file_u chdata;
  int number, leaderid, members, treasury, ships, planets, p, i;
  char line[256], plan[1024], allies[256], norelat[256], war[256],
  struct empire_data *emp;

if((fopen(fl, "ro")) != NULL){
  for(i = 0; i < NUM_EMPS; i++){

  if(sscanf(line, "#%d~", number) != 1) {
    log("SYSERR: Format error in empire number: Expecting #%d~");
  if(sscanf(line, "%d %s~", leaderid, name) != 1){
    log("SYSERR: Format error in empire leader id/name: Expecting %d
  if(sscanf(line, "%s %s %s~", allies, norelat, war) != 1){
    log("SYSERR: Format error in empire flags: Expecting %s %s %s~");
  if(sscanf(line, "%s", plan) != 1){
    log("SYSERR: Format error in empire plan: Expecting %s");
else {
  sprintf(buf, "SYSERR: Unable to open file %s", EMP_FILE);
  emp[number].id = number;
  emp[number].leader = leaderid;
  emp[number].name = name;
  emp[number].allies = asciiflag_conv(allies);
  emp[number].norelat = asciiflag_conv(norelat);
  emp[number].wars = asciiflag_conv(war);
  emp[number].plan = plan;

  for (p = 0; p <= top_of_p_table; p++){
     load_char((player_table + p)->name, &chdata);
     if(GET_EMP(chdata.player.empire) == number) {

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