Re: [NEWBIE] Empire system

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 03/08/99

You seem to be on the right track.  Please notice how the code
counts the number of records, then CREATE()'s the entire array
in one big chunk, and then reads the file again to fill this
array.  If I were you I would go see what the CREATE() macro
is.  The answer to you question is, ALWAY use CREATE() or
RECREATE().  You should add a section to index_boot to handle
this empire stuff for you that will then call init_empire()

Phillip A Ames <kirk47@JUNO.COM> on 03/05/99 06:15:02 PM

Heya all...  I've got a problem/question/something....  I'm coding an
empire system to put into my MUD, similar to clans.  I'm going to parse
them from a file similar to a world file.  Now, I've written the function
to load them, but I'm confused as to what I need to do now :)  From what
I've seen, the world files, mob files, obj files, etc. all use the CREATE
macro.  I want to be able to access the empires by using something
similar to an array, such as emp[GET_EMP(ch)].treasury to access the
treasury of the characters empire(that's assuming I put a struct
empire_data *emp; at the top of the function).  The empire they're in is
stored as an 'int' in the pfile, and I've defined the empires as follows:

#define EMP_FED 0
#define EMP_VUL 1
#define EMP_ROM 2
#define EMP_KLI 3
#define EMP_CRD 4
#define EMP_JEM 5
#define EMP_BJR 6
#define EMP_BRG 7
#define EMP_FER 8
#define NUM_EMPS 9

How am I going to be able to access the fields of the empires similar to
how I stated above?  Am I going to need to use CREATE(), malloc(), or
calloc()?  I've been told no by a few people, but I just don't see how
I'm going to be able to access them.  If anyone can tell me, I'd
appreciate it, and if you'd like, when I finish, I'll send it your way.


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