Re: dg questions II

From: Mark Ip (
Date: 03/05/99

"Mark A. Heilpern" wrote:

> Right now I'm away from the "clean" DG Scripts source, and I don't know
> off hand if this was added for pl6 or is a pre-pl7 snippet. The code below,
> which comes from dg_scripts.c (after the #ifdef RACE/#endif block) will
> let "%actor.fighting%" be used to determine if the character is engaged in
> combat.
>       else if (!str_cmp(field, "fighting"))
>         if (FIGHTING(c))
>           sprintf(str, "%c%ld", UID_CHAR, GET_ID(FIGHTING(c)));
>         else *str = '\0';

Hrm... ya, I've used the %actor.fighting% variable with weapons/objects that
require a command to be activated. I used:

if (%actor.fighting% !=  )
dg_cast 'lightning' %actor.fighting%

I guess I wasn't clear in my last post, what I was trying to do was find a way
so that the 'random' trigger will do basically the same thing. There is no
'%actor%' for 'random' however, so I don't know how I would find out who/if the
wielder is fighting or not. How about an '%owner%' variable that would be
whoever is holding/wielding/wearing the object? Or is there already something
like that which I haven't found?

> This is certainly interesting and something I was unaware of. The reason
> is wield is in different code than wear. In people's opinion, should objects
> have a wield trigger, or should the wear trigger be used for wield as well?
> If people tell me what they think, I'll do something for pl7.

Wield would help, it would be useful for making cursed weapons that can't be
removed and so forth. I worked around this with a set of I think 2 triggers, but
its a little messy. First there was an action trigger for when the person
entered 'wield object', which would give a little flavour text blurb then create
a variable and global it as well as start a timer. The same trigger would then
force the wearer to wield object again, but this time it would bypass the
flavour text because of the global. Finally a timer trigger reset the global
after 1 minute so that anyone else wielding the same object would get the text
again. Hrmm... that was probably confusing but like I said, its messy :)  I
might be able to clean it up a little with context but I have no clue how that

Oh, I've also had some strange things happen with wear/remove triggers... about
a minute or 2 after a person wears an object the remove trigger will activate
followed immediately with the wear trigger again. This has happened only with
the wear/remove trigger, a command trigger which is set to do the same thing
won't activate.

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