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From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 03/06/99

When it comes to java there is just as many ppl wanting to use it as there
is ppl who hate it, i have been one of te haters until i had to use it in my
work, i have found stuff i dont like with it like the Exception system that
is REALLY slow, i have coded a threaded chat program just to learn how to do
this in Java and it was really slow, until i recoded it to catch exception
in if sentances befor they happen, and try to avoid to make code that throws

Im running a P166 Laptop computer and i dont have any problems running large
heavy java programs as long as it dont use grapix, i guess this will change
in the future, ive seen test on C++ vs Java calculation and what the code
really looked like in ASM, and to tell you the truth i was shocked since c++
has to precompile calculations can actually get slower on a c++ system,
variables in use in the formula has to be referenced in far memory. The asm
output of a formula in Java took about 6 lines of asm code while the C++
took over 20 lines.

Wen it comes to speed i dont think that java should be shoved away because
its still in developement, and speed issues will be solved in a while so for
those who is deary (like me :) ) try make a mud in java hehe.

This summer we are going to start the implementation of a new mud based on
hehe nothing else than java + SQL Server. But it will only support JDK, so i
dont really understand the hassle about a lot of standards, since most of
the coders i know that code Java as a professional can use tools like Visual
Cafe, Visual Age Java and so on, but every bit of code they make, they make
sure it is supported by JDK, and when they compile it to give it out to the
customer they do so with JDK. JDK is the standard, and if you support it,
you will surelly support a LOT of platforms out there.

And back to the c++ issue, i think c++ is a major step in the right
direction for circle. There is a lot of newbie coder out there who will have
problems getting into a C++ coded mud, but, the bug but is that makeing
memory handling routines in c++ is a bit more easy than c. For thos people
who have tried add a string pointer to the object struct in circle and to og
through the code to make it work with OLC and with no memory leaks, prolly
noticed that this takes time, with c++ this is easier because if the object
is coded correctly it handles most of the stuff itself.. C is good for
newbies understanding code and so on, while C++ is good in the long run to
make safe code..

One thing i love with the c languages, whoooo the speed, if a mud is made in
java you have to use the little greys to make all code addons efficient, and
not with a lot of just thrown inn because that was how i first thought it
would be, ive done this a lot in my circle and i never noticed any slowdowns
at all, this will not be as efficient in java with a program as big as a

Caram - Implementor of The Home Of The Vikings
This is my thoughts: Someone has to try first and others will follow.

Hope i didnt offend anyone :) im sure a lot of you guys think im talking
rubbish, but be4 you slay what i said about jave, anter suns site and check
out the vector class :) and try make java applications they are actually ok
stuff (still hate applets, hehe)

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