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From: Phillip A Ames (
Date: 03/06/99

On Sat, 6 Mar 1999 13:26:11 +0100 Klaus Myrseth
<> writes:
>Im running a P166 Laptop computer and i dont have any problems running
>heavy java programs as long as it dont use grapix, i guess this will
>in the future, ive seen test on C++ vs Java calculation and what the
>really looked like in ASM, and to tell you the truth i was shocked since
>has to precompile calculations can actually get slower on a c++ system,
>variables in use in the formula has to be referenced in far memory. The
>output of a formula in Java took about 6 lines of asm code while the C++
>took over 20 lines.
>Wen it comes to speed i dont think that java should be shoved away
>its still in developement, and speed issues will be solved in a while so
>those who is deary (like me :) ) try make a mud in java hehe.

Actually, I was in a bookstore once, in the programming language section,
looking for cheap(Hah!) books on programming C.  I, of course, didn't
find any, but my brother, who's a Java fanatic, brought over one of those
books that are a bout an inch thick or so on Java, had a picture of an
animal(Some sort of fuzzy koala-looking thing, can't recall the name at
the moment) and showed me a section in the book where they had the source
code for a MUD in Java.  It took about 9 pages, and you would have had to
type it in, but just from reading over it and kinda making guesses as to
what some stuff did, it looked like you could do a lot of stuff with it.
However, I'm still 100% stick to c, or if anything, move to C++.  I'd
prefer we stay with C for a while, as I'm not finished learning it*, and
I can't take the C++ class in school till next year! :) C, to me, just
seems to work really great, and, while I know lots of people are telling
me "Oh, but C++ is soooooooooo much more powerful!" I'd rather not see a
change to something that works pretty well right now, unless there's
something that'll majorly improve performance/other areas.

* I'm probably one of the few people on this list who are running a MUD
for Reason #1 in hacking.txt -- To learn C Programming :)


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