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From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 03/06/99

> Actually, I was in a bookstore once, in the
> programming language section, looking for cheap(Hah!)
> books on programming C.  I, of course, didn't find
> any, but my brother, who's a Java fanatic, brought
> over one of those books that are a bout an inch thick
> or so on Java, had a picture of an animal(Some sort
> of fuzzy koala-looking thing, can't recall the name
> at the moment) and showed me a section in the book
> where they had the source code for a MUD in Java.  It
> took about 9 pages, and you would have had to type it
> in,

Probably an O'Reilly book.  If you look at the source
code for PerlMUD, it is also really small.  And I
really love Perl, but I'm not sure I'd want to write
a MUD in it ;)
But for 9 pages, was it as featured as Circle?
Classes and skills?  Spells and combat?  Or was it
just a MOO?
I'll have to get down to the bookstore today (while
I'm out getting tax forms :p )

> seems to work really great, and, while I know lots of
> people are telling me "Oh, but C++ is soooooooooo
> much more powerful!" I'd rather not see a change to
> something that works pretty well right now, unless
> there's something that'll majorly improve
> performance/other areas.

It isn't that C++ is necessarily more power, but that
it is higher level, more abstract.  I actually believe
C is the more powerful of the two languages.
But then, I'm a bit cynical, given that everybody on
the planet seems to believe that OO programming is the
universal pancea, solving any and all problems no
matter what said problem is, which is rather absurd :p

IF, and I cousel against it, but IF Jeremy and George
were to move Circle to C++ or Java, they should redo
it from scratch so as to not be constrained in any
way and therefore be able to take maximum advantage of
the strengths of whatever language they choose to
re-write it in.

>* I'm probably one of the few people on this list who
> are running a MUD for Reason #1 in hacking.txt -- To
> learn C Programming :)

I started that way too, but quickly realized it wasn't
the best way to proceed, so I got myself a bunch of
C books (starting with Teach Yourself C in 21 Days ;)
You should, too!

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