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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/06/99

On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Edward J Glamkowski wrote:

>It isn't that C++ is necessarily more power, but that it is higher level,
>more abstract.  I actually believe C is the more powerful of the two

By virtue of its design, which is to not get in the way of the programmer
when they want to do something.  So if you come up with some neat fancy
thing to do, it's probably valid.  Of course, this gives you a really big
gun to shoot yourself with, which people frequently do.  My laptop still
hasn't forgiven me for the 10 or so times I locked it up solid trying to
code in DOS.  Linux saves me time just because I don't have to reboot. :)

>But then, I'm a bit cynical, given that everybody on the planet seems to
>believe that OO programming is the universal pancea, solving any and all
>problems no matter what said problem is, which is rather absurd :p

They said the same thing about structured programming.

>IF, and I cousel against it, but IF Jeremy and George were to move Circle
>to C++ or Java, they should redo it from scratch so as to not be
>constrained in any way and therefore be able to take maximum advantage of
>the strengths of whatever language they choose to re-write it in.

The current preferences at the moment seem to be:
  Me - C & glib written in the style of my database parser 2, from scratch.
  Jeremy - C++ with STL from scratch.

However, nothing has been picked for final that I know of. I'll go along
with whatever, and be "Jeremy's little helper"[1]. :)

>I started that way too, but quickly realized it wasn't the best way to
>proceed, so I got myself a bunch of C books (starting with Teach Yourself
>C in 21 Days ;)  You should, too!

Why bother spending money? Everyone knows the best place to ask mundane C
questions is this list![2]

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