[AD] SlashFang MUD (builders needed)

From: Gordon Forsythe (baoh@home.com)
Date: 03/06/99

I have a circlebpl14 mud with dg-scripts with many addons (but no enough to
make the mud irritating like some I've seen), and some of my own code.  I have been working on the mud for 2 years now (it's not going away, trust me), and we are almost ready to come out of beta.  I have finished implementing ascii pfiles and rentfiles, so adding new things to players or objects shouldn't be a problem at all.  We have 2 ports on the machine; one for building/code testing, and the other for the main game.

We are currently seeking builders with knowledge of dg-scripts, and the
ability and creativity to write mini-quest type zones.  I am also looking
for interesting original ideas to incorporate into the mud.  If you are
interested, or have ideas, let me know!

Visit our mud at mud.guam.net  port 4000.
You can email me at crombiethezombie@usa.net

Kind regards
Visit G on the web:          |Coder for SlashFang MUD
ICQ: 16477213                |***********************

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