Re: Languages

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 03/06/99

On 3/6/99 5:33 PM, George Greer ( stated:

>>I started that way too, but quickly realized it wasn't the best way to
>>proceed, so I got myself a bunch of C books (starting with Teach Yourself
>>C in 21 Days ;)  You should, too!

erg... AHHHHHHH!!! no don't do that!!! NO!!!!
Ok coming to my senses... typing returning to normal, removing the !
Teach Yourself books are not the way to learn, they are horrible little
rat turds in the world of programming books...

There are several online places to read books (!) has many books is good too but you have to register for free

>Why bother spending money? Everyone knows the best place to ask mundane C
>questions is this list![2]

...losing my senses...putting ! key back in....going psychotic....

- Chris Jacobson

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