Re: [GDB] Info <>

From: Albert White - Sun Ireland (
Date: 03/06/99

> > (if anyone is interested in seeing what I have so far.. I can send it to
> > them for review and comments)

wouldnt mind seeing it. Cheers.

I can write up something on using GDB if you like, unless someone else is working on it?

basically I see 2 useful ways of using GDB:
1.      to trace through a running program looking for an error.
2.      analysing a crash file to try to work out what happened.

The second is _relativly_ easy to do, the first I get lost doing and end up putting lots of printfs around the problem area instead :)

thoughts comments?


p.s. for ppl using solaris you can get gdb and gcc (and other stuff) as packages that install easily from, saves compiling!, just in case you didnt know :)
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