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From: Stefan Wasilewski (
Date: 03/08/99

Edward J Glamkowski [] wrote:
> 1.Byte-code: Java's byte code specification is
> rediculous. What should have been built was a sort of
> "universal assembley" that could, if needed, be
> assembled.
>      Instead we have a byte-code that is guaranteed to
> be slow and difficult to port, because of purported
> "security" issues (which only arise on MS-Windows
> machines).

The security issues that have arised so far are due to browsers, not
Java itself.  "Universal assembly" is a joke, when you consider
endian-ness, CISC/RISC, etc.  Byte-code -can- be compiled into machine

>    2.Built-in: Java's built-in functions are obtuse and
> random. No attempt was made to make modern visual
> programming easy or even "probable".

Try Java beans and reflection.  Standard C++ has neither concept.  And
this isn't relevant to designing a mud.

> Just dragging
> an image requires you to implement a double-buffer
> class (or worse, find one).
+>3. The 90's: [and pong]

Java2D fixes most of this.  And who cares?  Write your own lib, or buy
one, just like you'd do in C++.  We're writing a mud, anyway.

There's no 3D modeling library distributed with C++ either.

> Thread management requires
> you to manage time-slices yourself.

This is the only valid point I've seen here.  I don't think it's really
an issue except in realtime environments.  Someone want to point out
something I'm missing?  Name an environment where you =don't= have to
manage your timeslices yourself, one way or another?

> No
> multiprocessing is even implied.

Could you please try to explain this statement?

> Event handling
> consists of a bizarre series of derived classes which
> export interfaces that are called by a main module
> which performs a message handling loop. And that's the
> easy part.

Event handling is quite complicated internally in the JVM, to the user
(read: developer) it's elegant and easy.  Just for grins, give us a
description of event or error handling within C or C++.

>  5.Cross Platform:

I've found platforms to be pretty consistent given the same JDK/JRE.

I'd love to hear some well reasoned arguments against writing a mud in
Java, but I don't think these qualify.


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