Re: dg questions II

From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 03/08/99

At 03:18 PM 3/8/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> >Oh, I've also had some strange things happen with wear/remove triggers...
>> about
>> >a minute or 2 after a person wears an object the remove trigger will
>> >followed immediately with the wear trigger again. This has happened only
>> >the wear/remove trigger, a command trigger which is set to do the same
>> >won't activate.
>> The code that allows a wear/remove trigger to operate is only called in the
>> wear/remove routines, so I can't explain what you're seeing here.
>Ahh... actually we figured out why it was doing that... it seems the trigger
>set off each time the mud autosaves or the person types 'save'. Any ideas on

I'll agree that it shouldn't happen just because of a player doing a save.
Is both
the remove AND wear triggers being performed? If so, it's my guess that
your mud
has players remove everything prior to a save, and wear it all after the
save. If this
is normal CircleMUD behavior, I'll work around this little faux paux. If
it's not normal
CircleMUD behavior, I'll leave the (relatively trivial) fix an exercise to
the reader.
Anyone care to comment on it's "normalcy" before I test it myself?

In your initial questions post, you said that "mjunk all" and "mgoto
were not working. I'm able to duplicate mjunk all failing, however, mgoto
works fine for me in a stock+dg-pl7 binary, and mgoto hasn't been touched
pl6 and pl7.

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