Database Parser 2, Alpha 2

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/09/99

Once again, don't download unless interested in design/implementation of
the database parser.  If you want to port a file loader method or file
format method that'd be handy.  See code for how to do it.

The patch necessary to update lib/world/*
        1627 Mar  9 15:26 moving40bpl2-lite.patch

The code itself:
       38670 Mar  9 15:27 moving40bpl2-lite.tar.gz

The patch applied on world with code:
      351425 Mar  9 15:22 moving40bpl2.tar.gz

New features:

* MySQL is supported to load rooms from. (See example.)

* Adding new formats/loading/etc is now a 2-line change.

* Alex's idea for index file descriptions. (Currently used by MySQL loader
  though it ignores the extended information for the sake of
  getting the MySQL loader done faster.) See lib/world/wld/12.dbp

* It parses mobiles.  Sort of.  Unfinished.

* Less stuff in drivers, more in generic abstraction.

Features I hope to be able to do:

* MySQL database as the world, not just loading into the world from.

* Berkeley database as the world, loading from will come later.

* Saving.

* In general more formats, databases, file loaders.

I'd appreciate it if someone could take a shot at porting over Chris
Jacobson's parser so I can make sure the current function structure is
sufficient.  You'll have to make some C wrappers for his functions though.
If no one gives it a shot, I'll get around to it in a month or so probably.

And no, it doesn't plug into CircleMUD 3.x yet.  It may never support 3.x,
but I'm not ruling it out currently.

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