Re: strdup or str_dup?

From: Acido (
Date: 03/09/99

At 05:55 PM 3/9/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Sean Daley wrote:
>> I'll have to agree with Daniel on this one though.  Let the mud crash.
>> You'll have more incentive to fix whatever is causing the problem if
>> your players are constantly asking you why it keeps crashing ;)
>One aspect of my argument against such crash-proofing that has been
>ignored, but will hopefully deter anyone from doing this, is that if
>str_dup() is used on any strings that will be saved to a database,
>by not crashing upon the illegal str_dup(), you make it conceivable
>that you'll write corrupted data to a file.  That is, if you pass a
>NULL pointer to str_dup() and it's designed to return a non-NULL
>value (probably something like, "(null)"), it's conceivable that this
>data will wind up in database files, permanently replacing their
>original values.
>While George says it might be good for people who are worried about
>uptime, I contend that if uptime is important to you, you *WON'T*
>allow the game to stay up with potentially corrupt data.

Uhm so i get the idea it's a pretty bad thing if it dosn't crash in most cases.
So how do i make sure that it DO crash and dump core acordingly??

After reading this thread i was about to make a NULL check but i'm having
second throughts about this after reading this post (we all know dak is
always right all the time hehe :)

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