Re: Problems with Rnums.

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 03/12/99

hmmm... would a spec_proc obj that extracts itself have
the same problems?  Such as the portal spec_proc?

Patrick Dughi <dughi@IMAXX.NET> on 03/12/99 11:22:50 AM

> I am just wondering if anyone has seen the problem of
> wandering rnums.  Up in the range of 1 billion i think.
> Wish I could give code, but I have yet to determine
> where the problem is.  The mud seems to regularly crash
> after the creation of a couple of rooms, but this crash
> is caused by a rnum that is out of bounds.  This happens
> to mobs/objs/rooms.

        Actually, yes I have.  It was an odd problem that I posted about
earlier, but didn't get any feed back really on.  In my case, it was
because a spec_proc used extract_char() on itself.  However, the pointer
to this mob apparently still exists and is used (and accessed) after the
spec_proc call, SO, it would screw up right there,and when I'd go look at
what caused it, it would be said extracted mob, one action-pulse after it
was extracted.  It's rnum would be very large, and it would end up setting
the top_of_mobt as well, though not every time.


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