From: Neal Robinson (
Date: 03/12/99

Sorry I am my usual ambiguous self again...
Nope I mean the phantom patching tool, that will
allow us win 98/ 95 / Cygnus users to actually patch.
I suppose its a replacement for patch.exe, lots have talked
about it.
I have tried to hand patch DG events but its too big.
I sort of expect the next big release of Circlemud to have
Oasis and DGevents already spliced in. But hey its no
big deal I am enjoying myself anyways with stock 3.14.
I suppose if some kind person with lots of time could generously
give some of their time could mail me and offer to patch it on
another system that allows patching I would be eternally grateful. 8)
Once again thanks for your time and BandWidth.
Regards Neal Robinson
Spelling mistakes no chance my modem has error correction.

>> >Just handpatch it in.. it's really not that difficult or get a patch
>> >utility for
>> >windows although i never needed it i remember seeing it somewhere
>> >of cause i can't remember where but can't be too difficult to track down.
>> >
>> I have looked and couldnt find it, if anybody has found it please post it here:

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