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From: Del (
Date: 03/12/99

Neil, did you check the mailing list archives? Last week, I posted an answer
to your question. Along with the week before that I posted an answer to the
same question another person asked.

that file has bpl14 patched WITH olc+2.x
Meaning it has oasis and dgscripts and other things that Tony decided to put
into OLC+2.x.

I will leave it up to you to check the archives to figure out how to get that
file to work on your machine.

Neal Robinson wrote:
> >Cygnus?
> I have tried to hand patch DG events but its too big.
> I sort of expect the next big release of Circlemud to have
> Oasis and DGevents already spliced in. But hey its no
> big deal I am enjoying myself anyways with stock 3.14.
> I suppose if some kind person with lots of time could generously
> give some of their time could mail me and offer to patch it on
> another system that allows patching I would be eternally grateful. 8)

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