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From: Phillip A Ames (kirk47@juno.com)
Date: 03/14/99

On Sat, 13 Mar 1999 17:30:38 -0800 Tony Robbins <tonyr@pacific101.com>
>Alright, I'm purely speculating here, as I'm no GDB expert either.
However, let's read the line:
>Core was generated by `g utensils. As you'. Now, I believe this might
actually be a clue.  As I'm sure you >know, inside the single-quotes it
is supposed to name the command.  I'm guessing that this room has an
>abnormally long description, so it crashes and somehow floods up to that
point (remember, speculation).  >Another good possibility is that some
kind of memory quota was instated, although I'm not sure how I'd
>diagnose that.  In any case, I'd grep through your room files, searching
for "g utensils. As you" and try to >boot the MUD without that particular
zone loaded, and see if it completes its way through the startup
>There're some ideas anyway...
Wow! I went cycling through the index files, taking out all changed
zones, and wouldn't you know it -- The room desc was something about a
kitchen, with cooking utensils ;) I looked, and saw that it was a bit
long ;)

   On first inspection the steamy kitchen seems normal. Pot and pans hang
   on hooks suspended from the ceiling, a metal table stands in the
   of the floor, littered with knifes and cooking utensils. As you move
   through the kitchen you start to see the grime that covers nearly
   every surface. Since the destruction of the planets replication
   systems they have had to start to learn to cook manually, a task
   which doesn't seem to have been accomplished. To the West you see
   a door leading to a storage area.

Thanks for the help, and I didn't mean to send that e-mail without a
subject, I know how annoying that is ;)  Sorry!


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