ascii pfiles

From: George M Babey (gbabey@WPI.EDU)
Date: 03/14/99

Hi, im having some troubles getting ascii pfiles into my code. Im using
Circlemud bpl14, the 128-bit patch, dgscripts, and a few others. Oh yeah,
on Windows 95 running msvc++ 6.0.   It all compiles fine, but when i run
it, and it gets to the line:
fbclose(fl); in the save_char function in db.c
i found this out by logging right before the function, and directly in the
function. And it never gets to my second log. I ran debugger and it
crashes on the call and never goes into the function at:
004540BA   call        @ILT+3650(_fbclose) (00401e47)   <-disassembled
to be exact.

Im pretty new to coding (muds at least) and dont know much about i/o in c,
but it seemskind of wierd that the function doesnt even get called before
it crashes.

Anyone have any clue? Help would be greatly appreciated.


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