Re: [COMPILE] Circle30bpl15 and dg_pl6_with_oasis compile error

From: Richard Glover (
Date: 03/18/99

That spells const char array was incorporated into the spello() assignment
in spell_parser.c in bpl15.  Heh, and George just wrote an email about the
change that's needed in oedit.c.

I think to everyone's benefit that has problems like this is to check the
"ChangeLog" of the new code.  You will see exactly why something like that
is giving you errors.


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From: Phillip Cowan <>
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Date: Thursday, March 18, 1999 5:32 PM
Subject:  [COMPILE] Circle30bpl15 and dg_pl6_with_oasis compile

>        Ok, this one's got me miffed.  I am applying the latest
>"dg_pl5a_with_oasis_patch" and "dg_with_oasis_pl5a_to_pl6_patch" to the new
>Circle30bpl15, because I just happened to be rebuilding my circle30bpl14
>version and I figured I would give it a shot.  The patches didn't do a lot,
>so I had to do most by hand, and I am close to having it put together.  All
>the .c files compile but once it tries to put the /bin/circle together, it
>chokes.  I keep getting the compile error below.  I have spent the
>scanning previous posts for info, but all the things suggested were either
>fine or didn't seem to affect it. (and, yes, I have stripped my configure
>logs and re-configured.). Oh, and this is on a RedHat Linux 5.2 / i386 and
>just so you know... circle30bpl15 works perfectly.

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