Re: NEWBIE: configure problems

From: Jess Heinig (
Date: 03/19/99

  I appreciate the tip, but I've BEEN through all of the Cygnus archives.
I know about the \ file delimiter problem and I've been using
"./configure". I've done "sh configure" and I still get the same error.
  If I could find the answer in the archives I wouldn't have asked here!
I may be a Unix retard, but I do my research work first. ;)
  If ANYone can help, please let me know.

Jess Heinig

Klaus Myrseth said:

>Just a tip, i dont know Cygnus, but these questions come over, and over and
>over and over and over and over again, check the archives, there is a LOT
>about Cygnus, btw unix dont take \ as a directory/file delimiter, you have
>to use /, that might be one, or you mught want to run sh and your command
>like: sh configure, might work, well my tip to you is check out the
>archives, search on Cygnus, and im sure you will get more docs than follows
>the sofware itself.
>Med vennlig hilsen
>Klaus Myrseth

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