From: George Greer (
Date: 03/19/99

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, MAIL.SYBERCOM.NET wrote:

>[karathas@saturn src]$ make
>make smaug

You have the wrong mailing list...

>gcc     -o smaug act_comm.o act_info.o act_move.o act_obj.o act_wiz.o
>boards.o build.o clans.o comm.o comments.o const.o db.o deity.o fight.o
>handler.o hashstr.o ibuild.o ident.o interp.o magic.o makeobjs.o mapout.o
>misc.o mpxset.o mud_comm.o mud_prog.o player.o polymorph.o requests.o
>reset.o save.o shops.o skills.o special.o tables.o track.o update.o grub.o
>stat_obj.o ban.o services.o planes.o imm_host.o imc.o imc-mail.o
>imc-interp.o imc-util.o imc-config.o imc-events.o imc-version.o
>imc-mercbase.o ice.o icec.o icec-mercbase.o
                                             ^ Add -lcrypt
>act_info.o: In function `do_password':
>/home/karathas/dist/src/act_info.c:3344: undefined reference to `crypt'

to fix that.

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