From: Cj Stremick (
Date: 03/20/99

Hi, gang.

I'm going to completely retire from MUD coding but since I'm the only =
coder for my MUD, Dibrova, I'd like to leave my old pal, one helluva =
builder and idea-man, with a solid coder or two.

Dibrova has been "up" for about a year and a half and it's a very =
stable, interesting MUD.  Code-wise, it's a very solid, base.  Kaan (the =
other owner and head builder) has a long list of wishes.  Some as simple =
as adding a "mount" feature, and others as complicated as totally new =
afterlife options, alternate body shapes and more...

He's a big believer is "More is better" so he'll probably want an army =
of coders where I always preferred working alone.  Anyway, I just want =
to try and get at least one solid coder in there to keep things working.

So, if you're interested in being the head coder or just joining a staff =
of coders for Dibrova, let Kaan or I know.  His e-mail is = and mine is


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