[NEWBIE] More Cygnus questions

From: Patrik Bjorklund (dafluff@hotmail.com)
Date: 03/21/99

Ok here goes...
I used the configure and made it work by changing my bindir to c:/binary
so that he could find sh.exe then i ran the configure whtout problem. It
was only when i should use make in circle30bpl14/src it went haywire.
First of all it couldnt find some seort of licence file so i ran it from
another location.
Then it would refuse to use GCC. STATUS_ACCCES_PROBLEM or somethin...
So thats the longest i have come this far. Anyone have any thoughts on
what i might be doin wrong??

How large is linux and where can i get it??

Patrik Björklund
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