Re: [NEWBIE] More Cygnus questions

From: Nick Race (
Date: 03/21/99

There is much better news than that! A fully working Slackware linux
system is avalible from all of the slackware 3.6 distribution sites
( to find one), on the site, you will find a release
called "zipslack" wich is a fully functional linux system designed to
fit on a 100MB zip disk. The good news is that it works on a hard disk
almost straight out fo the packet, with a tcp/ip stack, gcc and ALL
updated libraries, it is literally unzip it, fire it up and code to your
hearts content and it compiles (assuming perfect code) straight out of
the box.

Nick Race

>Dont know much about cygnus, other than i got it to work somehow.
>linux is between 400MB-1000MB depending on what you put in it, and its
>available from
>Patrik Bjorklund wrote:
>> How large is linux and where can i get it??
>> Patrik Björklund

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